Money Controlling Saving Making Earning By Expenses Spending Reducing Expert Advice Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Quotes



Money Controlling Saving Earning Making by Spending/Expenses Reducing & Frugality (Optimum Money Uses) Expert Advice Quotes Tips Ideas Tricks Ways


There are many different ways which are very important part of Frugality (mean optimum money uses) and other hidden or ignored facts for saving & making money. By implementing or adopting many different ways in our day to day life, we can optimum use to our resources, products or services and can reduce our many expenses/spending to a large extent.


Normally in life of most people, there are many expenses or spending on different Products & Services which can be reduced efficiently/smartly just keeping in view to some important points. Always try to spend carefully & optimally. Optimum uses of money, products or services make sure low wastage of resources and high chances of saving money. Habit of Frugality and Optimum use of money as well as resources play a big role in anyone life for achieving good money management (Money Spending, Money Saving & Money Investing System). After knowing about effective efficient or smart implementation of all important money saving points and adopting of Frugality (Optimum Uses of Money) in our life, we all can save a good amount of money for our self.



All many other different money saving and frugality tips, ideas, tricks, quotes or ways are as follow:   





* Always make a written list of required items before going out for shopping & remain strictly stick to list:


Whenever going out for shopping, then make a written list of different required items or services with actual quantity requirement for your present and near future. Avoid buying unwritten items or services. Strictly remain stick to your written required items or services. Make this your habit. This habit will stop your money expenditure on unnecessary or not required items/services.  




* Enquire and get made membership cards of discounted/cheap shops, store or supermarkets.


For big shopping, enquire about different discounted/cheap shops, store or supermarkets. Many times these types of discounted/cheap shops, store or supermarkets provide membership card facilities to customers. Try to become a member customer & take membership card for getting discount on shopping. By doing so, many times we can save good amount of money.    





* Always try to Buy from discount offering shops, store, supermarkets or malls:


Whenever you are planning of buying many different items or big shopping then always try to buy from discount offering shops, stores, supermarkets or malls. Normally on different occasions or festivals many shops, stores, supermarkets and malls offer big discount or cheap pricing sale on different items. So first check your actual requirement and then analyze discounted sale items. Many times we can save good money in these types of shopping.  





* Not to hesitate from buying unbranded or small brands/companies’ good quality items/products or services:


Many times, it has been found that big reputed companies or brands offer good quality items, products or services on high prices just because of their goodwill or excessive spending on advertisements. On the contrary, many small brands/companies and even unbranded companies offer same good quality products, items or services on reasonable low prices. So never to hesitate buying small companies or brands’ good quality products, items or services on comparatively reasonable low prices. 




* Adopt some 30 to 60 days period for knowing actual requirement or necessity of any product or service:


For knowing the actual requirement or necessity of any product or service (especially costly products or services) always give 30 to 60 days waiting period time. If in these 30 to 60 days you find acute requirement or necessity of any product or service then you can buy that product or service otherwise if you realize that you don’t have any requirement or necessity of that particular product or service, then do not spend money unnecessarily for buying that product or service.





* Before buying costly items, products or services enquire about price from different shops & sources and adopt bargaining strategy wherever possible:


If you are planning of buying any costly item, product or service then before buying always inquire about pricing from different shops or sources (like online shopping etc). Sometimes due to cost, different expenses and different profit margin factors, different shopkeeper or sellers tell different selling prices of same product or service. You can buy that costly product or service from that shopkeeper who is offering at comparatively reasonable low price. You can also adopt bargaining strategy wherever possible.  





* Always pay all bills before due dates and avoid unnecessary late fees charges:


Pay your all bills as soon as possible before due dates and avoid unnecessary late fees charges on billing amount. Make it your habit of paying all bills on time before due date.




* Always try to avoid empty stomach before going out for shopping:


Whenever you are going out for shopping then try to avoid going out empty stomach and eat something at home. Normally food stall, shops or restaurant adjoining shopping area charges high amount on different eating items. You can eat half or full stomach for avoiding eating out. By adopting this habit you can avoid any situation of spending your money on costly eating items in any food stall or restaurant.   




* Avoid habit of eating out and regularly prepare your food at home:


Strictly leave habit of eating out regularly. On the contrary always cook and eat food at home. If have to eat out like at lunch on job or business place then try to prepare food at home and take it with yourself. Even during outing like tour, trip or travel, home prepared food can be taken. Normally Eating Shops, Eating Points or Hotels charge high prices and offer a spicy tasty unhealthy food which is not beneficial health-wise as well as price-wise. Seldom weekly or monthly you can make plan of eating out. By adopting this habit you can save good money for yourself.       




* Try to avoid taking out small children when going for shopping:


Try to avoid taking out small children with yourself when going out for shopping purpose. Normally Small Children make pressure on parents for buying unnecessary things. Instead of small Kids, young children and youth should go with parents or elders for learning and getting practical experience of smart shopping. Seldom small children can be taken with parents or elders for shopping.  





* Make habit of reading newspapers and books:


For different purposes like entertainment, increasing knowledge, updating current affairs and refreshing mind, make habit of reading newspapers and good knowledgeable, motivational books. Reading Newspapers and Books are cheap and good source of entertaining as well as increasing knowledge on different matters.   




* Take membership of Library and newspapers coupon schemes:


Instead of buying books from shops and paying monthly bills of newspapers, take membership of any library and also try to buy newspapers’ coupon in advance (If are available). Newspapers’ coupons are generally available on low prices as compared to paying monthly bills. Buying books cost very high, but after becoming member of any library we pay very low nominal charges for reading. Books also can be taken from Acquaintances, Relatives or Friends and should be returned on proper time.  





* Travel Shopping in Advance and Make a List & Budget for Shopping:


If you make plan of any tour, travel or trip in future, then make a list of all goods required during travelling. After making required goods list, buy all required goods from your local shops or market. Shun from shopping during travelling or trip because normal goods are very costly at tourist places or destinations. Only memorial item regarding any tourist place can be bought as symbol of specific tourist place. Try of totally avoiding normal shopping during travelling or touring.   






* Always try to make budget for effective money management:


Making a money budget in the starting of any month, year or financial year play important role for smartly expenditure, smartly saving and smartly investment, mean overall for effective money management. With the help of advance budget, we spend money carefully for decreasing expenses, stopping wastages of money, increasing money saving and smartly money investing for being financially stable & strong.   





* Try to save and invest money in your life as soon as possible:


One of the world richest man Warren Buffet in his autobiography said that he started saving and investing money late in his life when he was just 11 year old. So try to save and invest money in your life as soon as possible and as soon as you become aware or understand importance of saving, investing money. Elders should make aware and teach children about saving & investing money. 





* In life, for small and big expenses related aims events or occasions, try to save & invest money as soon as and as much as possible according to capacity:


In personal and family life, there are many different certain and uncertain aims, events or occasions happen, which can be predicted or some time cannot be predicted. Like building house, education expenses, marriages, health expenses or other different emergencies expenses etc. For all these future’s expected or unexpected events, try to save & invest money as soon as and as much as possible from today.    





* Instill habit of frugality, saving & investing money to children since their childhood:


This is the duty of Parents, Teachers, Grand Parents and all Elders that they instill habit of saving money to children since their childhood so that children can understand the importance & value of frugality, saving and investing money. These teaching are helpful not just for children but also for all family members.  




* Inculcate habit of saving & investing from initial earning


For efficient tackling/facing of future’s need & uncertainty, every person (man & woman) should adopt habit of money saving & investing/investment from his/her initial earning.


No matter, if earning is low, important thing is regular saving & investment with regular earning.





Another benefit of saving & investing/investment in starting of professional career is this that new investors become aware of risk factors and learns many financial practical lessons by their initial investment experience. These investment lessons’ experience play very important role in future’s investment & saving plans.




Saving & investing money in early stage of life give an edge (in the form of more saving & more benefit of compounding interest) over those who save & invest late in life.



So do not get late or procrastinate. It’s better, start saving and investing from now.





* Buying of Goods Slowly – Slowly in advance for Big Occasions


In our Personal, Family & Social life, we normally see and organize many different functions like marriages, parties, anniversary and other similar type of occasions. For all these big moments, instead of buying items just before occasions, always try to buy & collect different items much before when prices are low and availability is in abundant.



These items may be Gold, Silver, Diamond, Jewellery, Clothes, Luggage and other Accessories etc.



By doing so, some amount of money can be saved for money controlling saving & investing purposes.






* Stock of Non-Perishable eating items if have enough empty space


Stock of some eating items like grains or pulses is helpful for money controlling or saving



In seasons when many eating items reach in market specially grain (like rice, wheat) and pulses etc, then price of these eating items remain low or reasonable. On the contrary, when season pass away then prices of these items become high. So if in house, there is enough empty space for storage then eating grain items can be stored and kept for many months for consumption.



However proper caring is very important so that grain items do not get spoil soon due to any reason.



By doing so, some amount of money can be easily saved for money saving & investing for future’s requirements.






* Add Properties, Not Liabilities


In life, every person should try to add properties and not liabilities. Land can be given on lease while houses can be given on rent unless use for self purposes.




On one side Land/Building provide regular income in the form of lease/rent for many months or years,



While on the other side after completing of lease or rent period, value of land & building automatically increase with time. It means always try to add properties (Like buying Land, Building, Manufacturing unit and investment in FD, long term mutual funds, bonds etc) for Money Controlling, Saving, Making, Investing, Earning or Increasing Income/Profit.




On the contrary, always avoid taking loan for different goods or items (especially for luxurious goods like cars, AC, tour & travel etc), Short term small amount loans or borrowing are good for adding or buying properties, building, starting or extending of business activities etc.





* Never get trap in any promise of “Big Profit in Short Duration” or any such type of fraudulent offers 


These days around us, we can hear about many greedy attractive offers like “high profit on short duration investment” or “very high interest rate return” etc. We have seen many results in the form of big money crash. Lot of people has lost their big amount of money in greed.


So totally avoid these types of offers and invest money in secure options despite being low profit return and longtime duration. No risk or low risk alternatives are always better than high risk & no guarantee alternatives. So always shun from all such type of fraudulent offers like



*Double your money in just some months

*Very High Interest Rate Return Offers

*Many Prizes on Investment or Purchasing



Always deeply analyze and evaluate these types of offers which directly attract to investors or buyers. Everyone should never get trap in these types of greedy or fraudulent offers for better money controlling & money saving purposes.









* Wait for heavy discount offers & 0% interest rate finance scheme on buying goods/items


Whenever anyone make a plan of buying essential businesses, commercial or even luxurious goods/items like Cars, Home Theatre, LED TV or AC etc under finance scheme, then always check appropriate time & interest rate for better money controlling, optimum smartly money spending & money saving.  



First thing is always try to buy all type of luxurious goods/items on appropriate time when prices are reasonable or low.



On some days of years like festival season, exchange scheme offers, off season sale etc, many companies & shops offer special heavy discount & 0% interest finance scheme on buying of different items. On these days customers can buy different items on very reasonable prices as compared to other normal days.



Likewise many times, different goods/items are offered on very low interest rate or on 0% interest rates when are bought under finance scheme. Everyone should always remain aware about these types of beneficial schemes.



Normally buying plans of these goods/items can be easily delayed till appearance of discounts offers & 0% interest rate finance schemes. So always remain ready for getting benefits of these different attractive offers. By doing so, quite good money can be saved for money controlling, money saving & money investing purposes.






* Consider and analyze before additional building construction or buying additional property/land


Always seriously consider and analyze spending huge amount of money on additional building construction and buying additional property land for money controlling saving investing making.




Some time it happens that without much consideration about future’s requirement, we spend huge amount of money on building construction and buying additional property or land.



Normally people spend huge amount of money on building construction for future’s requirement, earning extra money in the form of rent, lease rent or reselling on high prices. Before thinking about any such planning always consider, check and analyze future’s requirement, possibilities of lease/rent income, price increment in that area and market.



All the aspects should be deeply considered before spending huge amount of money. If there are good possibilities of earning or making money in the form of handsome rent/lease income and high reselling value, only then it is wisdom to spend huge amount of money.



On the contrary, if there are not good possibilities of earning good rent/lease income and high resale value then do not spend huge amount of money on additional building construction or buying additional property/land. Look for other good & safe options of money investment like fixed deposits, long term equity linked saving scheme (mutual funds), PPF, Bonds etc for earning & making extra money.






* Buying Big Bulk Quantities Directly from Manufacturer, Producer, Wholesaler And Distributors


For buying big bulk quantities, try to buy directly from Manufacturer Producer Wholesaler Distributor instead of small retailers or small sellers for money controlling saving investing making tips ideas tricks ways quotes.




In our family, house, organization or company, we sometimes buy bulk big quantity of different goods for fulfilling our requirements. For our family society organization or company’s long term requirements and also requirement related to special occasions, we buy big quantity of fruits, vegetables, rice flour, flower, spices, drinks, liquor, construction materials and other different items.



Instead of buying bulk big quantities from retailer or small dealer, always try to buy directly from any manufacturer, producer, farmers, distributors or wholesaler etc.



Buying big bulk quantities directly from producer or wholesaler is beneficial for saving or controlling good amount of money as compared to buy from any retailer or small seller.



All things (like distances, quantities, transportation charges & all competitors’ selling prices) should be calculated & evaluated before buying big bulk quantities from producer, wholesaler, distributors or even from retailers. Then, prices reasonability should be checked for buying big bulk quantity at low price.



By doing so we can find and buy different items in big bulk quantity at very competitive low reasonable prices and can save, control good amount of money for investing.







* Try to involve children in family’s financial matters (Like Budget Making, Money Earning, Money Saving, Money Spending & Money Investing etc.):


In all families, this is important that children understand different financial related activities or matters since childhood. Try to involve and take assistance of children in different money related matters like financial family budget making, money earning, smart frugal spending, money saving and smart money investing etc. Also try to involve young children in banking activities for their learning and gaining practical experience.   





* Try to Fix Pocket Money:


Always try to fix pocket money of family members. Children should be given pocket money after knowing their exact requirement and exact expenses on different things. Never give extra or more money regularly to children because this habit spoil habits of children and lead to wastage of money. So always try to fix pocket money of family members and also make sure spending of money on right things and on right purposes.  





* Give Piggy Bank (Box) to children for saving money from pocket expenses:


For encouraging money saving habit in children, parents and elders of family should give piggy bank (box) to small children. By giving piggy bank (box) to small children, money saving habit can be inculcated to children since their childhood. After filling of piggy bank (box), collected money can be spent on good motivated things like knowledgeable, entertaining, learning books or toys etc. 





* Try to organize parties or functions at home:


Always try to organize parties or functions at home instead of hotels, community centers or at any other rented place. By doing this, you can save good amount of money. By doing this you remain involved in different activities and wastage of money remains minimum. Big amount of money save on decoration, eating items and complete saving of rent expenses of premises.





* Always try to avoid any type of unnecessary loan:


Never to take loan for luxurious goods like for buying cars, for going on tour travel etc. Always see and analyze necessity or requirement of any specific thing. If you really feel or realize that loan is not necessary for anything then strictly avoid taking loan and start to save money from today for buying that specific thing in future.   





* If in urgency or emergency, have to take loan or borrow money then keep it minimizes:


Sometimes in life due to any emergency or urgency it becomes indispensable to take loan or borrow money, then try to keep loan or borrowed money minimizes. Apart from Security or Guarantee, Normally Banks, Lenders or Lending Agencies charge high rate of interest on their given borrowed money which ultimately have to pay within a limited time period. So instead of Lenders, Banks and Lending Agencies, try to fulfill your money requirement from your own sources as much as possible.   





* Try to make an emergency fund:


In life there are many uncertainties which can occur any time with anyone especially negative events, accidents, medical treatments or urgent requirement of funds etc. For these types of events, an emergency fund in the form of insurance or any money saving cum investment fund can be opened. These types of insurance, saving cum investing schemes become very helpful in the case of any emergency.     





* Accept Sober Look and Avoid Unnecessary High Spending on Beauty, Cosmetic, Apparel items products & on service charges:


Try to avoid unnecessary high spending on beauty products, cosmetic items, apparel etc. Instead of high spending on these products or items, try to accept normal sober look and reduce your expenses on beauty, cosmetic, apparel etc. Normal sober look not just save your valuable money on different things but also save valuable time which can be spent on other important tasks.




* New Use of Old Items:


Normally there are many old and unused items or products at homes which can be made reusable or renovate after some creative, innovative efforts. By doing this, many times we can save good amount of money.   





* Make Games or Toys for Children at home:


Every time instead of buying games or toys for children from market, try to make some games or toys at home. With some different things at home, try to make games or toys for children. Children can be also encouraged for making their own games and toys at home. By doing this, one side some money can be saved while other side it increases creativity & innovativeness. 





* Try to make gifts at home:


Instead of buying costly gifts from market, try to make your own gift at home like from your garden you can prepare flower Bouquet, prepare any eating item in your kitchen, any handmade item at home etc. Homemade gifts make sure best use of housing items and also save money.   





* Use scale at home for measuring actual weight of products


For checking the proper measurement or weight of different products at home like taking gas cylinder, selling of scrap items etc, we can take a scale measuring device. Many times it has been found that gas cylinder supplier or scrap items buyers knowingly use faulty scale for increasing their own profit. So checking and preventing this type of deception, we can keep a scale at home for proper measurement or weight.  






* Try to save & invest any type of bonus, gift, dividend or recovering of any struck money amount:


In our life on different times, we get additional money in the form of Bonus, Gifts, Dividends or our own struck money. Then instead of spending that money on unnecessarily items, try to save and invest that money on different investing options. By doing so, we increase our saving and investment.  






* Try not to increase your expenses after increment in your income and increase your investing amount:


Whenever your income or profit increase, then instead of increasing your expenses, try to increase your investing money amount. Increasing in your investment amount ultimately help you for being more financially strong and stable.  





* Always Spend money on your actual requirements & Invest smartly (efficiently) instead of spending unnecessarily:


In your life, make it sure about actual requirement of different things. After serious analysis of actual requirement of different things, chances of unnecessary expenses decrease. In our life, many times we spend our valuable money on unnecessary items which can be saved after some consideration. This saved money can be invested on different options.      




* Take Prepared Eating & Drinking Items from Home before going out for Travel or Trip:


Before going out on any short or long travel/trip, prepare some eating and drinking items at home. Home prepared eating and drinking items are good to take on Travel or Trip. Normally different eating items, food and drinking items are very costly on road side Hotels, Shops or Eating Points. By taking home prepared food, drinking items or water, we can save a good amount of money during travelling.     





* Try to organize joint support parties rotate wise at home:


In your social circle, if you all regularly organize parties then try to organize joint support parties rotate wise at the home of different individual or families. Decorating, Eating, Gaming tasks and expenses should divide among all members of group. Try to make these types of parties simple and economical. By doing so, maximum enjoyment & entertainment can be achieved on reasonable spending.  





* Saving & Investment from your First Earning:


Any person, who starts to earn money in his /her life, should start to save & invest money from his/her first income or earning. This thing provides the benefit of initial edge over other. No matter, how much less you earn. Main factor is to start of saving & investments at early stage which remain continue for long time duration. Compounding interest rate play very important role on all early & long saving investment plans.   




* Shun and leave all addictions or at least minimize addictions:


In your life especially since childhood always try to shun from all bad habits or addictions like drinking, smoking etc. Many people spend their huge earning on liquor, cigarette and on tobacco etc. Apart from regular spending on these products, there are always chances of many different diseases in future. After a certain time huge amount of money have to spend on treatment of different diseases which occur because of addictions. Addictions also decreases average life period of human being.


So, Always remain totally shun from all addictions since childhood and all elders should keep small children far from all addictions. If anyone becomes addicted, then that person should try to leave all addictions. At least try to minimize addictions. By constant serious efforts, addictions can be minimized slowly and slowly. For minimizing or leaving addictions, there are many medicines, treatments and expert counselors in market. Never to hesitate taking help of these things for leaving or minimizing addictions.           


With serious constant dedicated efforts anyone can leave or minimize habit of addictions and live a healthy long life with saving of huge amount of money.


Definitely you can leave or at least minimize addictions.





* Follow balanced healthy routine and healthy lifestyle:


For living a healthy lifestyle, follow all good habits in your routine life like eating nutrition healthy food, avoid or minimize fast junk food. Keep yourself physically activate like walking as much as by any way, Exercise, Meditating and using stairs instead of lift etc.


By keeping balanced to our lifestyle and our habits, we remain physically and mentally fit, active and energetic. Chances of diseases or any type of morbidity automatically decrease. Thus we can save good amount of money and our valuable time which have to spend on treatment of different diseases.





* Running & Exercising in parks/garden or at home instead of joining paid GYM.


We can use public parks for running or jogging. Likewise for exercising and meditation we can use public parks, home garden and even inside our house. For exercise like lifting weight we can use any household good or can buy dumbbells from market. Even in our daily routine life we can adopt some important steps like if we have enough time then always try to walk as much as possible, use stairs instead of lift etc.

Instead of paying fees in GYM (Gymnasium), by adopting these different types of steps we can keep ourselves fit active and can also save some money.






* Try to do online payment of your different bills:


Lot of people among us go specially to any Bank or concerned department office for making different bills payment like Water Bill, Phone Bill, Electricity Bill etc. Instead of doing this, try to do online payments of your different bills (which are possible to pay online).


By doing so, we can save both our valuable time and fuel or fare expense for reaching to concerned department office. So try to do this. 






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