Money Saving by Adopting Phone Expenses & Television Entertainment Service Charges Reducing Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps Techniques

Money Saving by Adopting Phone Expenses and TV Entertainment Services Charges Reducing Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques


Phones and Mobile Phones have become indispensable part of our all life in present era. Likewise Entertainment through Television or Internet is very common in our life. By keeping in view to some important tips, ideas, ways, tricks, steps or techniques, we can reduce our spending on Phones and Television Channels Service Charges.


In our day do day life; there are many ways by which we can efficiently use our Phones, internet and Television Channel Services. After the Proper Smart use of Phones, Television Channel & Internet Services spending can be reduced up to 30% to 40%.


There are some following Tips, Ideas, Tricks, Ways, Steps or Techniques which can reduce our Expenses on Phones, Internet and on Television Entertainment Channels. We have to adopt and effectively implement to all steps which are as follow. 




* Always check the necessity of All Landline Phones and Mobiles Phones connections:


Suppose if one Landline Phone and one Mobile connection is enough then shun to multiple connections. Always try to keep minimum Landline and Mobile Phone Connection according to actual requirements.






* Time to time always try to enquire about different plans of different telecom companies:


Analyze to different plans of different telecom companies according to your requirements and select to cheap and more economical plans of concerned telecom companies.




* Always try to avoid unnecessarily long conversation on phones:


According to study it has been found that many people talk for long time on phones unnecessary. For talking long time always prefer to meet directly face to face. If distances are long and it is not easy to meet directly due to long distances then talk about main important topics. Whenever meet directly then always keep a good spare time for long conversation.




* Immediately disconnect or close to your unnecessary phone connections:


If you have two or three Mobile Phones SIM Connections then try to get rid from one SIM Connection. If possible then always try to keep a single Mobile Phone SIM Connection. Likewise if possible and is not necessary then disconnect to your Landline Phone Connection which become financial burden on your pocket in the form of fixed monthly billing or sometimes over billing Charges.




* Switch off or keep on silent mode to Personal Mobile Phone during Working Hours:


If possible then keep mobile phones switch off or on silent mode during working times. During working hours, when you find free time or in lunch time, urgent calls can be done.




* On prepaid numbers unlimited calling packs can be taken according to suitability:


These days many different telecom companies are providing different packs containing unlimited calling service, unlimited text messaging service and internet service on prepaid mobile phone numbers for limited fix days. Prices of these packs are different according to validity of different fix days. You can consider these types of packs and can take anyone according to your suitability.




* Don’t take internet facility unnecessarily:


If you don’t have any requirement of internet facility on your mobile phones then don’t take internet facility. Especially when you have simple mobile phone or you don’t use internet facility. In this type of situation, normal prepaid plans are suitable.




* Buy and Use of Normal Simple Mobile Phones wherever possible or suitable:


Two basic and important objectives of mobile phones are talking and SMS facility which can be found even in normal cheap mobile phones, so if you don’t have any requirement then it would be better to avoid multi featured costly mobile phones. Normal simple mobile phones can be bought or used.  




* Use Internet Phone, Whats app or Facebook Phone calls over Mobile Phone Network Service Calls:


For long conversation especially for ISD Calls you can use internet phones over Landline or Mobile Phone’s Network Service Calls. Internet Phone’s conversation cost is very less than Landline or Mobile Phone’s Network Service’s Calling Cost. Whats app or Facebook Phone Calls can be done from Smart Mobile Phones which run on internet service and are much cheaper as compared to Mobile Phone’s Network Service Call Charges.  




* Take Cheap SMS Pack Plan or Use of Whats app Text Message Service:  


Different Cheap SMS Pack plans of different Mobile Phone Network Companies are also good option whenever bulk SMS facilities are required. Wherever possible try to use of SMS Text Messages or Whats app Text Messages for informing or intimating other than making call every time.




* Prefer to Prepaid Mobile Connection over Postpaid Connections:


It has been noticed that prepaid Mobile Phones Connection are used more economically than postpaid Mobile Phones Connections. In postpaid Mobile Phone Connections many customers complain about charging of extra while in Prepaid Mobile Phones Connections most of people take care of their remaining balance amount. Apart from this, there is more clarity of uses and spending of money balances in prepaid plans as compared to postpaid plans. So always prefer to prepaid connection and take prepaid connection service over postpaid connection services.




* Shun from Unnecessary Paid Services:


Try to avoid any type of paid service like songs or music tone setting instead of normal ring tone during incoming and outgoing calls. These types of paid services are just wastage of money. So first of all never to take any this type of paid service packs and quickly disconnect if you are using any. 





* Always Avoid Last Date crossing Payment situation:  


Always avoid to any type of last date crossing penalty or fine charges on postpaid bill payments. Pay all Bills before due date and save penalty or fine charges.      







Television Network Services Charges/Expenses Reducing Tips Ideas Tricks Ways or Points


There are also many different Tips Ideas Tricks Ways or Points which can be adopted by anyone for reducing Television Network Service Charges.





* Enquire and Analyze different DTH Companies’ paid channel packs services before buying or renewing channel packs:


Whenever buying or renewing any DTH Company’s channel pack then always see and analyze all different DTC Companies’ channel packs. See and Analyze which DTH Company is providing price wise cheaper and economical required Channel Packs. After finding cheap or economical channel packs, buy or renew any company’s DTH Network Channel plan.   




* If buying new DTH then Prefer to buy free to air Channels Service Providing DTH:


If buying new DTH Channel Network Service then prefers to buy free to air Channel Service Providing Company’s DTH. In today’s busy or very busy schedule, most of people don’t get enough much time for watching TV. Hardly average 3 to 4 hours time is spent for watching TV in a family. So if you are installing first new DTH Connection or Second DTH Connection (When first is paid DTH Connection) then always try to buy free to air channels service providing DTH. If you get satisfaction then you need not to spend money on Paid DTH Service. Otherwise in future you can buy small paid pack Channel DTH Service.   






* If buying paid channel service providing DTH then in starting always take less paid channel pack according to your favourite required channels:


Whenever buy any paid channel service providing DTH then in starting always try to take low paid or cheap channel packs. If you get proper satisfaction in low paid channel pack then sticks to that pack and avoid buying more costly channel packs in future. 




* Compare Cable networks Service Provider’s quality & charges with DTH Channel Service providing companies:


Time to time check and compare properly Cable Networks Service Provider’s channels quantity, quality and charges with paid channel service providing companies’ DTH. After comparison and according to suitability take service of Cable Network Service Provider or Paid Channels Service Providing DTH Company.   




* Try to buy annual DTH Channels Packs than Monthly


Whenever buying paid channel packs on DTH then try to buy annual packs instead of monthly packs because many DTH companies provide big discount on annual channel packs. By doing so you save some money in the form of discount and it also stop headache of again and again monthly payments.  




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