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Earning or Making Money is a very important part of our all’s Life. Likewise, Money saving and smartly Money Investing (Investment) is necessary for becoming financially stable and strong. Different Money Saving cum Money Investing (Investment) Tips Tricks Ideas Ways Steps or Techniques are very important Part of an Effective Money Management System in everyone’s life. So after knowing, adopting and practically implementing all Money Earning, Money Making, Optimum Money Spending, Money Saving & Money Investing (Investment) Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques, an effective money management system can be achieved in Life.



As we all know that Money saving and smartly Money investing (investment) is equivalent to money earning or money making. So we all should have to practically implement all Money Saving and Money Investing tips ideas tricks ways steps or techniques in our life as well as also in life of people surrounding us.



Because Today’s saved and smartly invested Money helps us not just in Present but also in Future by many ways which can be as follow.



1) For fulfilling our all day to day present and future’s requirements


2) For fulfilling emergency expenses like accidental, health, medical, hospital or medicines etc.


3) For Family function like marriages, Tour & Trip or other different occasions of life.


4) For fulfilling different necessities in Old age situation so that, have not to remain dependent on others.


5) Have not to take borrow money or loan from Banks, Institution or from other sources in any necessity.


6) And definitely for helping financially to our family members, relatives, friends or acquaintances surrounding us in their troubled times so that in return those people also can help us in our troubled times.    





In this Website you will find and read many different Efficient or Optimum Money Spending, Money Saving, Money Investing (Investment) or Money Making Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques, by which everyone can save increase & make lot of money in his/her life for Present and Future.





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which contain useful information regarding money saving investing (investment) making earning tips ideas tricks ways steps or techniques by different ways. 




* About or Home Page of Money Saving Investing and Making Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques






* Money Saving by adopting Kitchen LPG Cooking Gas, Kerosene Oils, Bio, Fuels & Energy Saving Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques


* Always avoid spare ignition of cooking stove and quickly switch off to it:


* Put Cooking Pan before light on (ignition) and Remove Cooking Pan after light off (switch off) to Stove:


* Some Minutes Preparation before cooking is beneficial for saving big fuel, oil or gas:


* Always use optimum required low quantity of water for cooking:


* Adopt habit of Soaking before cooking:


* Let to reach frozen food at normal temperature before getting hot or cooking:


* Always try to plan fix meal (eating) timing for all:


* Clean properly your cooking pan or vessels:


* Always buy & use modern ISI marked efficient less fuel/oil/gas consuming cooking stoves:


* Always Put the lid on cooking pan/vessels and on baked hot food:


* Use wider cooking Vessels or Pans:


* Reduce burner flames as boiling starts:


* Keep Fire Flames of burner inside cooking vessels’ below outer limit:


* Cook larger quantities of food as required:


* Always try to use pressure cooker and appropriate size pressure cooker for cooking:


* Check burner’s flames remain colourless or blue:


* Maintain shiny to cooking pan’s below outer surface:


* Always try to use metal (as stainless steel) cooking vessels or pans:


* Use from Small Burner range for cooking according to requirement:


* Clean up burner & Stove after gap of 45 to 60 days for proper fuel burning:


* Use appropriate size cooking vessel or pan according to quantity of food


* Use flat Bottomed cooking pans or vessels for electric induction plate/cooker/stove:


* Efficient use of Solar Cooker, Electric Induction Plate/Cooker/Stove, Oven and Microwave:





* Money Saving by adopting Two/Four Wheeler Motor Vehicles’ Petrol, Diesel, Oils, Gas, CNG, Bio, Fuel, Electric Energy Saving/Conserving & Maintenance Charges Reducing Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques

* Always Check Air Pressure of Tyres Regularly mean Keep Your Vehicles’ Tyres Properly Inflated:


* Always Avoid Unnecessary High Speed or Rash Driving and adopt constant stable economy speed driving:


* Do not press clutch continuously again and again:


* Avoid pressing brakes unnecessary again and again:


* Get done maintenance Service or Tuning of Motor Vehicles on Proper Time:


* Drive on Correct Proper Gear, Driving on high gear Consume less fuel:


* Drive Slowly on Potholes or bad conditioned roads, Streets and on small Roads:


* Turn off Engine on Red Lights if have to stop more than 15 Seconds:


* Travel lightly and avoid unnecessary heavy loading on motor vehicles:


* Try to Park Motor Vehicles in Shadow especially in summer:


* Always try to avoid heavy traffic jam packed roads, bad conditioned roads or long routes and Drive on good conditioned, less traffic roads & on short routes:


* Always Maintain Your Vehicles’ Engine in good condition:


* Always try to avoid unnecessary Driving:


* Plan your Routes, (mean always enquire and get proper information about Routes and Road Conditions before going to any new place):


* Check Motor Vehicles’ Air Filters and clean or replace Air Filters on proper time:


* Turn on engine just before driving and turn off engine quickly after have to stop for much time:


* Do not let your Motor Vehicle’s Engine keep start Idle:


* Use Air Condition efficiently only in actual requirement:


* Open windowpanes in normal slow speed and close windowpanes in more high speed (AC can be used):


* Fill fuel from those stations which sell fuel on cheap prices:


* Always prefer to buy more mileage providing and low maintenance cost Economy Motor Vehicles:


* Let to remove your four wheeler’s roof rack (if possible) and use it when required:


* Fill fuel efficiently after checking fuel storage quantity:


* Remain aware of all ahead turning & stopping and adopt habit of self auto slowing or stopping rather than using brakes every time:


* Accelerate smooth slowly and avoid hard quick accelerating:


* Anticipate Traffic Conditions and drive accordingly:


* Try to minimize aerodynamic drag or air resistance:


* Wait for clearing of Traffic Jam and Hang with or follow big heavy motor vehicles:


* Adopt two/four wheeler’s pooling (share riding) and use public transports (mass transit) system:


* Make habit to cruise control on highways:


* Try to fill up fuel at least 50 to 100 KM before fuel storage gets dry:


* Turn off all power-sucking accessories before turning off engine:


* Wherever Possible use other option of conveyance which consume less fuel:


* Keep cleans to your motor vehicle and removes unnecessary stuffs:


* Always try to purchase from supermarkets and completion of many different tasks in single timing outer driving and avoid of excessive unnecessary driving:


* Try to follow up all fuel efficiency points:


* Strictly follow all traffic rules regulations and safe driving instructions:






* Money Saving by adopting Electricity Energy or Power Saving/Conserving & Electric Electrical Electronic Items’ Maintenance Cost Reducing Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques

* Switch off (Turn off) all Electric/Electronic appliances (gadgets) immediately when not in use or not required:


* For lighting always use LED Bulbs and LED Tubes over CFL or normal incandescent bulbs:


* Always prefer to buy Electrical and Electronic Items from small & less energy consuming to big according to your actual requirement:


* Always prefer to buy ‘more energy saver star rated’ & ‘low energy units consuming per year’ Electrical and Electronic Products:


* White Colour Paint increases brightness of lights:


* Use Maximum day light efficiently & avoid using of electric lights:


* Unplug All Electrical/Electronic Appliances/Items when going out:


* Unplug All Battery Chargers when not in use:


* Consult with Expert:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Refrigerator (Freeze) for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Washing Machine for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Dishwasher for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Grinder/Mixers for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Electric Iron Press for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Air Conditioners for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Water Heater or Geyser for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of TV, Computer, Laptop for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Room Heater or Furnace for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Fans for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Water Motors at Farms or Any Other Place for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient & Optimum use of Microwave for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient & Optimum use of Electric Ovens for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient & Optimum use of Toasters & Kettles for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient & Optimum use of Electric Stove for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Electricity/Energy at Offices, Shops or Business Premises for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* Efficient or Optimum use of Lights for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* In Summer Efficient or Optimum use of Electricity/Energy/Power for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:


* In Winter Efficient or Optimum use of Electricity/Energy/Power for saving/conserving Energy/Electricity/Power:






* Money Saving by Adopting Phone Expenses and TV Entertainment Services Charges Reducing Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques

* Always check the necessity of All Landline Phones and Mobiles Phones connections:


* Time to time always try to enquire about different plans of different telecom companies:


* Always try to avoid unnecessarily long conversation on phones:


* Immediately disconnect or close to your unnecessary phone connections:


* Switch off or keep on silent mode to Personal Mobile Phone during Working Hours:


* On prepaid numbers unlimited calling packs can be taken according to suitability:


* Don’t take internet facility unnecessarily:


* Buy and Use of Normal Simple Mobile Phones wherever possible or suitable:


* Use Internet Phone, Whats app or Facebook Phone calls over Mobile Phone Network Service Calls:


* Take Cheap SMS Pack Plan or Use of Whats app Text Message Service:  


* Prefer to Prepaid Mobile Connection over Postpaid Connections:


* Shun from Unnecessary Paid Services:


* Always Avoid Last Date crossing Payment situation:  


* Enquire and Analyze different DTH Companies’ paid channel packs services before buying or renewing channel packs:


* If buying new DTH then Prefer to buy free to air Channels Service Providing DTH:


* If buying paid channel service providing DTH then in starting always take less paid channel pack according to your favourite required channels:


* Compare Cable networks Service Provider’s quality & charges with DTH Channel Service providing companies:


* Try to buy annual DTH Channels Packs than Monthly






* Money Saving by adopting some Important Money Spending/Expenses reducing & Frugality (Optimum Money Uses) Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques


* Always make a written list of required items before going out for shopping & remain strictly stick to list:


*Enquire and get made membership cards of discounted/cheap shops or supermarkets etc:


* Always try to purchase from discount offering shops, supermarkets or malls:


* Not to hesitate to buy unbranded or small brands/companies’ good quality items/products or services:


* Adopt some 30 to 60 days period for knowing actual requirement or necessity of any product or service:


* Before buying costly items, products or services enquire about price from different shops & sources and adopt bargaining strategy wherever possible:


* Always pay all bills before due dates and avoid unnecessary late fees charges:


* Always try to avoid empty stomach before going out for shopping:


* Avoid habit of eating out and regularly prepare your food at home:


* Try to avoid taking out small children when going for shopping:


* Make habit of reading newspapers and books:


* Take membership of Library and newspapers coupon schemes:


*Travel Shopping in Advance and Make a List & Budget for Shopping:


* Always try to make budget for effective money management:


* Try to save and invest money in your life as soon as possible:


* In life, for short and long term big expenses related aims events or occasions, try to save & invest money as soon as and as much as possible according to capacity: 


* Instill habit of frugality, saving & investing money to children since their childhood:


* Try to involve children in family’s financial matters (Like Budget Making, Money Earning, Money Saving, Money Spending & Money Investing etc.):


* Try to Fix Pocket Money:


* Give Piggy Bank (Box) to children for saving money from pocket expenses:


* Try to organize parties or functions at home:


* Always try to avoid any type of unnecessary loan:


* If in urgency or emergency, have to take loan or borrow money then keep it minimizes:


* Try to make an emergency fund:


* Accept Sober Look and Avoid Unnecessary High Spending on Beauty, Cosmetic, Apparel items products & on service charges:


* New Use of Old Items:


* Make Games or Toys for Children at home:


* Try to make gifts at home:


* Use scale at home for measuring actual weight of products


* Try to save & invest any type of bonus, gift, dividend or recovering of any struck money amount:


* Try not to increase your expenses after increment in your income and increase your investing amount:


* Always Spend money on your actual requirements & Invest smartly (efficiently) instead of spending unnecessarily:


* Take Prepared Eating & Drinking Items from Home before going out for Travel or Trip:


* Try to organize joint support parties rotate wise at home:


* Saving & Investment from your First Earning:


* Shun and leave all addictions or at least minimize addictions:


* Follow balanced healthy routine and healthy lifestyle:


* Running & Exercising in parks/garden or at home instead of joining paid GYM.


* Try to do online payment of your different bills:





* Money Saving, Increasing, Making & Earning by keeping in view to some Smart/Effective Tips Ideas Tricks Ways Steps or Techniques

* Do not keep your money lazy in saving Accounts & at your home:


* Open Investment Accounts (Mutual Funds & Share Trading A/c) Public Provident Funds (PPF), New Pension Scheme (NPS) and other LIC or Post Office’s different saving schemes:


* Try to keep one two or three Bank’s saving accounts and close unnecessary saving accounts:


* In Mutual Funds Investment, try to invest in NSE’s A listed Companies or Blue Chip Companies:


* Take Advisors or Experts’ Consultation or Self Analyze (study) before investing through Mutual Funds or Share Markets:


* Always try to Deposit Money in your PPF Account before dated 5th of Every Month:


* Try to open your New PPF Account with maximum Lump Sum Money and As Soon As Possible:


* Always try to stay invested for long period and also try to increase investing money amount timely in Mutual Funds, Share Markets, PPF, LIC, NPS or in Other Investment Schemes:


* Always Keep Maintain Minimum Balance Amount in Bank Accounts & Avoid any Penalty charges:


* Avoid Unnecessary much use of ATM cum Debit cards:


* Always use credit card efficiently in actual urgent requirements:


* Avoid to save card information in online purchasing:


* More Return in Growth Investing and Value Investing:


* Activate to Auto Sweep facility in your Bank Saving Account:


* When market is on low level then tries to invest more in Mutual Fund Investment or in Share Market Investment:


* Try to buy Property in the name of Female Member of Family:


* Get ½ % to 1% more interest on Fixed Deposit (FD) in the Name of Senior Citizen or Joint Fixed Deposits with senior family members:


* Buying Joint Property is Beneficial in case of Bank Loan


* Family Members pay Rent of Own house:


* Extra Property on Rent to Any Relative:


* Discount on Parents Premium:






* Different options or ways of Money Investment







* NPS (New Pension Scheme or National Pension System or Scheme)




* RBI 2018 Taxable Bond
























* Objectives of Creating/Designing this website


* To Save Kitchen Cooking Gases, Oils, Fuel, Energy and to minimize wastage:


* To Save Motor Vehicle’s Petrol, Diesel, Oils, Gases, Fuel or Electric Energy & to reduce maintenance expenses on Motor Vehicles:


* To Save Electric Power or Energy:


* To save charges or expenses on Phones, Mobile Phones, Internet and on TV Network Services:


* To minimize wastages of different resources and Optimum Use of all resources:


* To Minimize or stop extravagant and to increase saving money by different ways:


* To develop habit of saving money and to invest saved money in different schemes:


* Ultimately to make people more financially strong and stable for their present and future:






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